Rate Quote Instructions

Before you get started, you'll want to have the following information handy:

  1. DSP short code - this is a 4 digit code assigned to you by Amazon.
  2. FEIN # 
  3. Motor Carrier #
  4. DOT #
  5. State Unemployment Compensation Number (for HI, ME, MN only)
  6. Taxpayer ID Number (for NJ, RI only)
  7. Insurance information -- If you are currently insured through another provider, we'll need your current coverage details (current carrier, annual premium, expiration date) and Loss Runs for the last five years
  8. Payroll information - we ask for the estimated annual payroll for all employees, including drivers, sales, clerical and any other roles. If you have employees in multiple states, we will ask you to break out by state and employee role.
  9. Fleet details -- If you have your fleet schedule, please complete this document and you can upload during the application process.
During the application, you will have the option to Save your progress on the application and return to complete it at a later time.

I'm ready to get started